Educational Objectives and Learning Outcomes of Undergraduate Program

Educational Objectives

The objective of this program is to graduate students who

  1. are capable of solving problems in their area of expertise by implementing basic principles of Chemical Engineering,
  2. play an important role in the analysis, design, implementation and improvement of production and service systems,
  3. contribute to the scientific output in the area of Chemical Engineering through academic research

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Adequate background in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and the Chemical Engineering discipline;
  2. Ability to identify, model and solve complex problems in the area of Chemical Engineering
  3. Ability to design a complex system, process, device or product under realistic constraints and conditions, in such a way as to meet the desired requirements.
  4. Ability to employ information technologies effectively in Chemical Engineering applications and develop and/or use modern techniques and tools for these applications.
  5. Ability to design and conduct experiments and interpret results to analyze problems in the area of Chemical Engineering.
  6. Ability to take responsibility both individually and as a team member to solve unforeseen problems that arise in intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary projects.
  7. Ability to access information in the area of Chemical Engineering and to report and communicate this information to others using a foreign language (English) at the European Language Portfolio C1 General Level.
  8. Ability to follow current issues and recent developments in science and technology by accessing databases and other sources of information and to continue to educate oneself.
  9. Awareness of scientific and ethical responsibility in professional matters.
  10. Ability to initiate innovative projects in the area of Chemical Engineering and to manage these projects considering all aspects.
  11. Ability to identify the impact of Chemical Engineering applications on health, environment and safety; awareness of the legal consequences of Chemical Engineering solutions.