General Curriculum Course Descriptions

The aim of the Chemical Engineering Department is to graduate Chemical Engineers with advanced level of fundamental engineering, chemical engineering and biotechnology knowledge, and of foreign languages, who can successfully apply the modern production technologies and can easily maintain adaptation to Research and Development activities for all production industries, especially for chemical and biochemical industry.


Intensive usage of computer applications and high technology products during the courses and laboratory work of Chemical Engineering education helps our students to become expert engineers on design, development and permanence of manufacture processes and the equipments within those processes.


Apart from the required fundamental science and engineering courses, Chemical Engineering students take technical courses in order to advance in one of the basic options of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. They also can take optional courses from social science, law, and finance areas in order to improve themselves depending on their characteristic properties.


The duration of undergraduate education is 4 years. The department offers BS, MS and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering