Faculty Part-Time Faculty Alumni

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0216 578 00 85





B.Sc., Bogaziçi University, Turkey

M.Sc., Université Henri Poincaré , France

Ph.D., Bogazici University, Turkey

Academic Background:

2012-               Assistant Professor
Yeditepe University, Department of Chemical Engineering, Istanbul, Turkey
2009-2012       Postdoctoral Researcher
University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2008-2009       Zeynep-Ayse Birkan Graduate Fellow
Bogaziçi University, Department of Chemistry, Istanbul, Turkey, and University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2006-2007       TUBITAK International Research Fellow
University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2005-2008       Research Assistant
Bogaziçi University, Department of Chemistry, Istanbul, Turkey


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