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0216 578 0459



B.Sc., Chemical Engineering Dept, METU (Middle East Tech. Univ.) Turkey

M.Sc., Chemical Engineering Dept, METU (Middle East Tech. Univ.), Turkey

Ph. D., Chemical Engineering Dept.METU (Middle East Tech. Univ.), Turkey

Academic Career:

  • Middle East Technical University,Ankara, Turkey Assist. Prof. - Prof.,  (1980 - 1999);  Dept. Head (2004-2007)
  • Northeastern University , Boston, MA USA , Prof. (1997-2004)
  • Center for Microgravity Materials Processing, NASA Commercial Space Center , Assoc. Director (1997-2003)
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA, USA  Visiting Prof. (1994-97) ; (1989-92)
  • Recipient of the METU  2004-2005 Educator of the Year Award
  • Member of AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) and ASEE ( American Society for Engineering Education) 

Research Interests:

Nanocomposite Fuel Cell Membranes, Zeolite Synthesis, Antimicrobial Zeolites and Polymer-Zeolite Composites, Microencapsulation

Selected Publications:

  • Zeynep İyigündoğdu, Selami Demirci,Nurcan Baç,Fikrettin Şahin, “Development of durable antimicrobial surfaces containing silver and zinc-ion exchanged zeolites” Turkish Journal of Biology (2014) 38:420-427; DOI: 10.3906/biy-1311-41
  • Selami Demirci, Zeynep Ustaoğlu, Gonca Altın Yılmazer, Fikrettin Sahin, Nurcan Baç “Antimicrobial Properties of Zeolite-X and Zeolite-A Ion-Exchanged with Silver, Copper, and Zinc Againsta Broad Range of Microorganisms” Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2013) 172:1652-1662; DOI 10.1007/s12010-013-0647-7
  • Rumeysa Tekin, Nurcan Baç,Hüseyin Erdoğmuş, “Microencapsulation of Fragrance and Natural Volatile Oils for Application in Cosmetics and Household Cleaning Products.” (2013) Macromol. Symp. 333,35-40 ; DOI 10.1002/masy.201300047
  • Devrim Y., Erkan S., Baç N., Eroğlu İ. “Nafion/titanium silicon oxide nanocompositemembranes for PEM fuel cells” International Journal Energy Res. (2012) (wileyonlinelibrary.com). DOI: 10.1002/er.2909
  • Dilek Ergun, Yilser Devrim, Nurcan Baç, Inci Eroglu “Phosphoric Acid Doped Polybenzimidazole Membrane for High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell” Journal of Applied Polymer Sci (2012) (wileyonlinelibrary.com). DOI 10.1002/app.36507
  • Devrim Y., Erkan S., Baç N., Eroglu I. "Preparation and characterization of sulfonated polysulfone/titanium dioxide composite membranes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells" Int. Jour. Hydrogen Energy 34 (2009) 3467-3475.
  • Sengül E., Erdener H.,Akay R. G., Yücel H., Baç N., Eroglu , "Effects of   SPEEK and Composite Membranes on the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Performance Int. Jour. Hydrogen Energy, 34, ( 2009) 4645-4652.
  • Kamisoglu, K., Aksoy, A., Akata, B., Hasirci, N., Bac, N. "Preparation and characterization of antibacterial zeolite- polyurethane composites" Jour. App.  Polymer Sci.  5 2854-3861 (2008)
  • Warzywoda, J., N. Bac, J.C. Jansen and A. Sacco, Jr., "Growth of zeolites A and X in low earth orbit" Jour. of Crystal Growth, 220 140-149 (2000)
  • Warzywoda, J., M. Valcheva-Traykova, G. A. Rossetti, Jr.,N. Bac, R. Joesten, S.L. Suib and A. Sacco, Jr., "Characterization of zeolites A and X grown in microgravity", Jour. of Crystal Growth, 220, 150-160 (2000)
  • I. Guray, J. Warzywoda, N. Baç, and A. Sacco Jr., " Synthesis of Zeolite MCM-22 Under Rotating and Static Conditions", Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 31 241-251 (1999)