Department of Chemical Engineering



Prerequisite: CHEM 111
Credit (1 + 0 + 2) 2

Acquaintance with Chemical Equipment and Safety Rules in the Laboratory. Introduction to rigorous experimental methods, record keeping, and report writing. Observations of chemical principles in action, description of observations, drawing conclusions, identification of unknown, calculations according to experimental data. Development of students' skills in various laboratory techniques. Learning to design and conduct experiments as well as to analyse and interpret data: Preparing the Solutions; Acidity of Solutions; Factors affecting the Solubility; Solubility Rules and Precipitation; Reactions in Aqueous Solution; Volumetric Analysis; Chemical Kinetics; Chemical Equilibrium.


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21.02.2017 Students who are late more than 10 min. for CHEM 113 lectures on monday and tuesday at 13.00 o'clock, will not be allowed to enter the classroom

30.01.2017 Students who did not pass CHEM 111 cannot take CHEM 113!!!

06.09.2016 Download Guide to report writing Will give you an idea

06.09.2016 Download Example Report Will be your template

06.09.2016 Before coming to lab download, read and sign the safety rules! Otherwise, you won't be allowed into the lab!!!

06.09.2016 Download Safety Rules Read and sign before lab!