2019 Fall CHBE 492 Announcements

2019 Fall CHBE 492 Announcements


(18 September 2019)
Please fill out the selection form including 5 choices, from the most wanted (1) to the least (5), and submit a signed copy to Assoc. Prof. Betül Ünlüsü.
Deadline: 20 September 2019, 2:00 p.m.


Instructor Project Title Type
Assist. Prof. Cem Levent Altan Recycling of Laminated Packaging Materials Lit. Surv.
Assoc. Prof. Erde Can Poly(propylene fumarate) based drug delivery systems Lit. Surv. + Exp.
Assist. Prof.  S. Funda Oğuz Complexing and Solubilizing Agents used to increase the aqueous solubility of bioactive substances poorly soluble in water Lit. Surv. + Exp.
Assist. Prof. Levent Organ Metastable Pitting of Aluminum Alloy 2024 Exp.
Assist. Prof. M. Oluş Özbek

  1. To be announced

  2. To be announced

     1. Lit. Surv.

 2. Comp.

Assoc. Prof. Betül Ünlüsü Analysis of Chemical Process Accidents and Risk Assessment Lit. Surv.



Recycling of Laminated Packaging Materials: A literature survey on the recycling and the environmental impacts of laminated packaging materials containing aluminum foils